Poetic State Of Mind


Feet off and back onto the ground,
Heart racing, speed pacing,
To get away from the truth,
I run,

An infinite number of miles I run,
My destination unknown,
All I know is I have to get away,

To a different time zone,
Where I won’t be guilty prone,
I run even though my feet feel
like they have been battered with stones,

I run to find peace,
But I don’t like peace,
I want war, but war will only
deter the piece of peace that
lives within me and leave me

Such confusion! Sheesh!

I run still,
Hoping time doesn’t stand still
Nor buildings tilt, topple and fall,

I run to leave behind the ashes of
I run in pain,

Deep piercing pain,
Rain drops hit me with authority,
I pray this feeling does not cripple

As I run this undefined distance,
I neither wonder nor ponder where
this road will lead me to,

Whether I’ll ever see the light of the
day or whether these demons will
chase me to my grave,


I run to survive,
So far as the Lord is my witness,
I’ll run till my feet elevate me
to the skies,

I run to tell a story,
A story of hope and will,
Of guts, determination,
I run to give a voice to the hopeless,
I run to empower a nation to build,

Build your dreams upon these
footpaths that boast of
gold, oil, and concrete,

Build a belief individually
that will telepathically
Unite you in stance against
any division and enmity

I run for the cancer victims,
For the soldiers that perish,
with each passing second, minute,
and day,
For the ambitious who lack
enough conviction to break free
from being negativity’s slave,

I run to tell you to get off
your comfort zone and settle for
nothing less,
Pour out your chest,
If you detest the bs and the stress.

Run with me to make history,
Forest Gump knew that
history wouldn’t rewrite itself so
he ran to pass me a pen that would write
his story,

I ran into despair,
I nearly tripped over pride,
I skipped past fear,
I resisted the offer to join
failures ride,

And so as I run today
I pray not in cry of my feet failing me,
I pray that my thoughts
maintain the lead,

And pave the way for my soul
to pass that checkered tape,
while I pass the baton to the
generations that will live to be part
of this momentous feat..


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