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The Good Man…

The concept of the above mentioned topic is one that leaves lot to be answered.
I do ask myself whether the concept of being a good man is outplayed totally in this day
and age. When women say, it’s hard to find a good man these days, just what exactly do
they mean? What is the definition of a good man? Do they look for more than what seems
to naturally exist?

My story is pretty simple.

A young man once full of joy, of peace and no qualms or whatsoever decided that it was time for 
him to find someone who would compliment him, a best friend for that matter. To be more precise,
a significant other in that respect. He started off by gradually going to places of social interest to 
try his luck. A couple came along, but not worth taking home. After weeks and months, he came 

One day, as he lay in his bed, checking through his social network TL’s, he thought to himself 
“Why not try the social media?”. At first he laughed at his own suggestion but soon came around
the idea, concluding “Charle, after all, its two things here; either I’m getting a real one, or a fake
one..might as well give it a go”. Now most people would argue that meeting people off social
networks won’t give you exactly who you want and there’s a higher probability of meeting 
someone who’s likely to take you for a ride than someone who will actually be true to you.

In any case, after a couple of weeks, he chanced upon one female. It was almost like a dream
come true for him. They had various chats via the social network, then exchanged PINS, then
exchanged numbers, then started seeing each other. Nothing could go wrong right? Well…
Months into their relationship, the female started acting up, almost as if she wasn’t into the 
relationship. There had not been any quarrels, no spats, nothing. So what then was the problem?

I’ll pause the story here for you to look at these three options and decide for yourselves what
you think would be the reason for this sudden change of attitude?

a) Cheating on the guy

b) Insecure of herself

c) Setting a high standard of what she wants in a guy and feeling she’s lacking more than she
expected to get.

Have you thought about the answer? Good. The answer will be revealed at the end of the post.

I have always wondered why it is that the decent guys always ended up with women who would
rather disrespect them than to appreciate them. It’s like these women can’t deal with someone who
basically does the little significant things. Things like open the door for you, compliment you on 
your beauty, remind you to smile through the storm and difficulties of life. It’s as if they always
have to go towards the guys who would rather treat them like trash and spend nights moping about
how they can’t find the “right” guy.

Is there something I’m missing here? Are the women failing to see that some men were brought up
to care, love and not abuse? Then there’s the issue of “good guys are no fun, bad guys are heart
wreckers”. I’m sorry but if you want to hang out with a bad guy because of fun then you might as
well accept facts now that you’ll forever be attracted to those kind of guys and that’s the truth.
Good guys are fun just not the type of fun you’re looking for. Maybe you’re failing to see that at
some point in your life, maturity has to have a place to camp in there, and more often than not
these men do show that maturity.

They’ve basically learned to put away certain behavior that (if ever) they used to do away. Learned
to see what’s more important to life.

For those women who set standards higher than they know they might ever find, you sometimes need
to assess yourself and ask, whether you’d be able to handle all that you’re desiring for. Is it feasible?
Be real to yourself for Christ’s sake! It’s not a rush yes, you’re not getting any younger, yes but be
realistic and use your head sometimes and not always depend on the heart. It hurts more often than
not to see the good guys suffer in the hands of women who are not necessarily evil, but just do not
clearly know what they want. They haven’t found themselves well enough to understand that they 
can’t be leading on men who would rather treat them like queens and not rags.

To conclude the story…

She claimed she was not being real about her feelings and was in a world of confusion. The guy was
gutted, broken to a larger extent and as weeks went by and he saw the one person he felt he had found
happiness with fade away from his life, he felt he made the biggest mistake in his life. He resigned to the
fact that he was never meant for that 4-letter word and now lives alone full of regrets. His heart now knows
no emotion. He’s a bitter old man who lives by the principle “Love no one but thyself”.

The moral here is clear for all to see. An almost perfectly good man turns bitter because he loved with his all and
got repaid with heart-break. The truth of that story is exactly what’s going on these days. Good guys do
exist, some have just either not been given the chance to love, been loved wrongly so have bestowed upon 
themselves bitterness or just been totally ignored.

If you have a good man in your life, one who does not expect more than he bargains for, one who you also
do not expect more from, just the little or simple things; consider yourself having found a rare blessing in 


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