Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#194)

You woke up feeling like
“Aww man another day of hell”
Are you well?
Do you know what hell feels
The pain, the endless fire,
How deep is your plight?

To rise with the sun on the
east while a child dies out of
war and starvation somewhere
in the Middle East
Do you really the need to be cussing
out your life?
Is your plight that deep?

To have food and shelter,
To have a job although the
pay isn’t the best,
Would you not rather settle
for contentment or do you
consider being jobless better?

There is hope in the heart,
Free it from the shackles
Of misery,
For misery knows no peace,
Only peace in a coffin buried
below 6ft,

So count your blessings,
Your plight isn’t that deep,
Stop the stressing,
Fear is for the weak,


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