Poetic State Of Mind

For A Reason…

If we can understand why the world
is spherical and rotates clockwise rather
than anti-clockwise,
Then we can understand why things
happen for a reason,

Why you’re still alive,
But yet a soul that led a life free from
blemish is 6ft down under, not

Why joy and pain counteract each
Why what seems normal to you is
Someone’s cause to bother?

You see we live in a world of imperfection,
Your curse is his blessing,
Her conundrum is your guessing,
Your calmness about a situation is opposed
to his panic and cause for stressing,

But for everything that happens,
For every cause that promotes a reaction,
For every reflex prompted by an action,
There is a reason attached,

A reason to define the thin line between
love and hate,
Why those who love more, more or less
get less than most of the what they want
but more of what they do not expect to get,

A reason to define why he’s with her,
You’re with him,
He was with her,
You wish you hadn’t met him,
A network of lust, regret and sin,

Reasons, we could give more than
In defense, these reasons give us
They are lessons of truth rather
than formidable adversaries,

I say this because that reason
sparked you into believing not to
give in,
When life puzzled you,
That reason gave you a breakthrough,

It gave you strength to leave,
When he held your heart under siege,
The courage to be that king
to that one girl who just wanted to be
treated like a queen,

To live life to the fullest because let’s
face it,
In this life we all have expiry dates,
And the sky’s our only limit,

Friends will come and go,
The kind may turn wicked, into foes and
vice versa,
Though things fall apart,
Though the center can not hold,
things are surely bound to get better,

You read this for a reason,
I wrote this in a higher definition
to help you reason with life’s
encrypted meaning,

You may choose to be blind to the facts,
And fact is there is peace in the blind man’s
soul though his world is pitch black,

But everything has a reason,
So whatever you do, just don’t stop


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