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Words Of Inspiration (#195)

Last nights coverage of the Boston bombings on CNN was yet another wake up call to everyone in this world (not just the continent I’m on) of how cold the world can be.

Many people are going to attribute these bombings to what they feel is “consequence of the actions of the US” towards their own people as well as others elsewhere.

However whatever you may assume is the reason for this unfortunate incident, you have to look at the broader picture of all of it. An 8yr girl is among two (at the time of reporting) people who lost her life.

Now to some of you, you might sit back and say, what does this have to do with me? Imagine being there when this happened. Imagine the carnage and chaos that would be going on around you.

Truly to be where you are now, reading this you must feel blessed and thankful for life. Even more so, you must feel blessed and thankful for the lives of members of your family who have not been affected by this or other previous tragedies.

You must in addition to all this, have compassion for those who have been affected. It beats me when people fail to notice that wherever in the world that tragedy hits, irrespective of race, color and nationality, the rest of the world is affected.

We’re connected in each and every possible way. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t have various embassies and high commissions of other nations in our nation.

On a much serious note, its high time we start to show compassion and give thoughtful prayers to people who go through tragedies anywhere in the world. Also, we must learn from these events to practice the principle of neighborly love.

After all, what good will come out of tearing each other apart? Wars and destruction are never the answer, value humanity.


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