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Words Of Inspiration (#196)

As I looked at a painting of the world number golfer, Tiger Woods, I was drawn back to his biography movie. His rise from the young man who was born gifted, to his numerous accolades and achievement. Not even his moment of infidelity slip has stopped the man from being who he’s always wanted to be..dominant.

There are many more heroes like Tiger. Some in this respect, others completely without blemish. The question is not about what makes them fall or have these slips but what makes them consistent, fearless and dominant. What makes a team like Manchester United the supremo of English football.

The answer lies within the heart. I believe the greatest men, women, teams, whatever didn’t plan to become who they are. Some may have wished to be great, but to be dominant all these years it certainly must have been a secret antidote that’s propelled them to these heights.

The antidote believe it or not is endurance and betterment. Accepting the challenges faced before you irrespective of how far you’ve come and working towards defeating the challenge. As well as bettering or improving from your last feat. Its the will and determination to keep going. Not just to stay relevant but becoming the most relevant in your field or department.

We all want to leave marks of greatness. Etch our names amongst the elites in our field and be that guy or girl who is remembered for accomplishing goals that did not only serve as a testimony for others to follow but also a self fulfillment feeling within yourself.

The story of Tiger speaks volumes. It only reminds us that on our rise to greatness, we will fall, be kicked on and spat on, but as long as our legs, intellect, soul and spirit remain, we can always rise above these obstacles and win.


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