Poetic State Of Mind

“WET” Part 2.

Mi amor looking sexy in her new couture,
Beauty from her head to her feet,
Elegance as she steps on the floor,
Body language, as she whines her body against mine,
Grabs me by the 9, and whispers, “I wanna ride your stick 
and make it mine”,

Squeezes harder, as I nibble my tongue around her collar bone,
Hands placed on her nipple and clit respectively,
Simultaneous movement, she quivers and moan,
I go slow..squeeze harder, rotate and penetrate deeper,
Sweat drips to the tip,
I wipe it off with one lick,

She whispers “take me,”
“Break me into pieces like raw spaghetti”,
I lay her on the floor,
As I stare @ her gorgeous contours,
Pull her onto her knees,
I stand @ ease,

Her lips on my thick stick,
She sucks and take licks as she bites
hard @ the tip,
In between her breasts..she firmly places my thick stick,
Gliding up and down against it, while she spits on and licks it,

I place her on a chair,
slide her legs open and begin to poke her,
1 finger, 2 fingers..3 swipes of lick against her clit,
I press harder with my tongue, deeper, harder as I continue to hit,

Bit by bit I lick faster and bite harder on her clit while my hands tweak 
her breasts tips,
She starts to drip,
My tongue pokes,
She screams “Daddy don’t quit”,

Fingers tweak her nipples harder,
Scene reminiscent of a daughter being disciplined by her father,
Body vibrating as I penetrate deeper,
Swipe faster..sweat dripping all over like we’re catching a fever,

I kneel before her with her legs closed and her feet against my chest,
Lean in as I mark her spot with an X,
She tries to forget about the pain but
my thrusts are insane,
Back & forth, pain inflicted over again and again,

On the chair, she rows my boat,
Squeezing her bum as she tries to stay afloat,
Legs wrapped around my waist,
As she feels my veins push up against her walls in attempt to break,

Its core, soft but warm,
Pushing hard like a quiet storm,
Her insides burning as my stick weighs her down 
like a ton,
Her nails scratch my back while I stroke her clit feeling like a soaked sponge,

With power and precision I elevate us onto my feet,
Push her against the wall, suck deep, as her knees
quiver and feel weak,

She moans louder,
Clinches her lip muscles tighter,
Scratches my back harder,
And then whispers “Punish me just like my father”,

Pleasure and pain intense,
I lay down on the bed while she cuffs me,
Mind all in suspense,
She touches herself aggressively,

Sticks her finger in her clit,
Pulls it out and rubs it all over my stick,
She takes a hard long look at the wet, fat, vein popping stick,
Then takes her seat on board it like a captain ready to sail her ship,

In her eyes I see distress,
Sweet pain as sweat drips down from her face to her breasts,
Whining up and down,
Looks into my eyes and asks
“Are you ready to drown”?

She whines faster, 
Grinds harder,
She leans over as I lock her left nipple with my teeth,
and lick harder but slower,

Slower and slower,
Almost as if I’m making love to her nipples though
my stick is hitting her clit like a bulldozer,
She leans back and rubs her clit while she drives in cruise control like a range rover,

Harder and deeper now,
She moans “take me daddy, take me home any how”
She clinches her lip muscles even harder as she glides up and down with pace and power,

Power so strong I feel it within my legs, shoulders and hands,
Suddenly I break free from the cuffs, grab her waist
As she squeals and holds her breath in anticipation for the last dance,

With every force within my body,
I pound her as she laments “Daddy I’m sorry”,
I pound her again with force,
And then again as I squeeze and suck on her nipple like a pin piercing her with no remorse,

Harder and harder,
She cries out “Don’t let me go” as she breathes faster,
Faster and faster,
She grabs onto the sheets,
I grab onto her butt cheeks,
Squeeze tightly as we prepare to meet at the peak,

Sweat dripping profusely,
She begs repeatedly “hold me..hold me”
I thrust her one last time with authority,
She lets go…as she climaxes like a river
breaking it banks vigorously


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