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The Art Of Misconception (Reloaded)

I think I spoke about misconception once and the whole, “I say this, doesn’t mean I’m talking to you” and all that. I feel I may have not hit that piece as well as I should have so I’m here to see how best I can put things in a clearer view.

Now my view on the subject is pretty simple. Don’t assume what isn’t being said or connoted in a 140-character limited space, because assumption as we know is the mother of all fuckery. People catch too many feelings these days just cause when something is said, they either attribute it to an altercation that may have happened not too long ago, or may indeed have gone through something within the lines of what’s being said.

I’ve always believed in the principle of asking. When you don’t ask, nothing gets solved and its not like when you start to throw up mini rants anywhere or on social networks or anything, people are not going to notice. They will and the difference here is while you’re throwing your rants about, the other person is either one, lying in limbo over what’s going on or two, pretty much ignoring the whole incident.

Its not like these same people can’t ask you what’s going on but @ the time, they feel you’re probably taking shots @ somebody else or worse, joking. Life’s too short to be fretting over issues that bear less significance but greater negativity. If you have a problem with issues, confront whoever and let them know. Why try to escalate your issue with that of some other issue thinking that’s you being served out on a hot plate?

People! I repeat, state your case, iron things out and know what the real deal is, don’t go assuming what really is not, you might just end up letting go of someone or some people who are battling with their own evils. And as a result of you unduly judging the battles to be against you, you end up screwing an almost perfect if not perfectly good bond.

That’s it.


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