Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#197)

I enjoy how people love to go overboard or “all the way” when it comes to living. I mean can you blame them? When resources are available to them, why not? However may I just remind you that extravagance does not guarantee respect. Even if it does, it does not guarantee genuine loyalty.

Some people may not understand but just ask yourself that should you choose to live in such a way that defines opulence, just how many of these people who hang around you will be around should you hit rock bottom? I believe in modesty or simplicity. In a way it shows a true reflection of someone who doesn’t need to show off to earn trust, respect or loyalty.

It amazes me even more when people try to live beyond the means, all in the name of “staying relevant”. Listen, just cause Kofi Show boy pops bottles every Friday/Saturday night doesn’t mean you need to prove to the world that you’re capable of doing it. Or just because Ama Fabolouso held the coolest party, so you feel you need to top that with something way bigger.

Believe me, life is complicated enough with all the ups and downs that we go through on the daily basis, why further the complication thinking you’re actually making a statement? If people are going to show you respect, trust and loyalty, then its going to be for keeping it real. Not trying to impress in situations that don’t demand it.

I say this because respect, trust and loyalty in actual sense are based on transparency and honesty. Trying to live a life that does not define who you really are is almost like impersonating a character. There’s a dishonest sense about it, its not legit and you’re likely to gain a temporary or seasonal fan base.

There’s nothing wrong with being real and modest or simple. Like I said, to gain the respect, trust and loyalty you deserve, just be you. Reason like any rational human being would do and just live in accordance to how you’ve been designed to or how circumstances have panned out for you to. Remember appearance speaks volumes, but wisdom defines attitude and character.

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”Pablo Picasso


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