Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#198)

Irrespective of how many times life tries to pull you down, do not make the mistake of thinking at any point that you made a wrong decision or choice. There’s something always special about the choices or decisions we make in life, from the early stages of our life right up to the position we lie in currently.

As you can see, something gave way for you to be where you are. You just didn’t make a decision, you made a choice to move along a path that you hope and believe strongly will lead you to success. Of course your success is not dependent on what you do in the short run but on the long run.

We all have personal goals we’d all like to achieve. Sometimes we succeed in accomplishing them all but yet feel like there’s so much more to achieve. Its our willingness and desire to express our gifts and resources in our disposal to the fullest degree; and yet while we do express these we are aware we’ll have to at certain points make certain choices to benefit our quest.

Some of these decisions may tend to back fire on us but with every mistake we come by, there’s a lesson to be learned. Life in itself is an endless learning cycle. We learn from our successes and blips, and its the only way we can develop ourselves to being better people.

Every move you make, good or bad is a learning curb. Its only fatal when it clearly bears all the signs of being a detriment to your life. In a couple of years these decisions or choices we make will be looked back upon with a passing judgment. That judgment being the fact that they made it possible for the opportunities that came along your way to manifest.

Life is all about choices, and for whatever choices we make, irrespective of their respective consequences, we must look back at them with no regrets. For having the courage to make those decisions is a clear indication that we are ready to handle whatever output is bound to arise out of them and willing to learn from any potential setbacks they may or may not pose.


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