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Words Of Inspiration (#199)

I believe we all have friends who impact our lives in one way or the other. There are those who you can depend on for financial terms, then those who are always there to give you encouragement and even those who are there to just listen and not really have any words of support. I however strongly believe that the kind of friend we need lies in the person who is real, raw and truthful.

I’m not talking about someone who will tell you the pot is black just cause you want to hear it, but because deep inside he or she knows that you need to hear it. I’m talking about that friend that’s not afraid to rip into you for your own faults and actions or failure to act upon an opportunity or situation. The aggressive lover kind of friend, totally brutal, blunt and honest.

He or she is there to remind you of how foolish and senseless you could be but at the same time, he or she wants to help you to help yourself to come out of these states and succeed. To me that’s a true friend. Many of us have friends who will rather hold back to their thoughts and opinions simply because they feel, you won’t listen or your pride won’t allow you to admit to yourself that you’re slacking. Such a friend might just not go to full lengths for you when the “shit hits the fan”.

For someone to match your pride and ego, know that, that person has your best interest at heart. They are there because they want to help you and if they really didn’t give a hoot, they would have said their piece of mind and just walked out. They say “tough love” is usually actual love because you are made to feel your worst so you know how people feel so strongly about how you bad you are doing or what chances you are missing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all your friends have to be with this type of character but you need a few strong willed people in that sense to always drive you back to your senses and push you into making the right admissions and re-submissions.


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