Poetic State Of Mind

A Special Lady (Ih Manyɛ)..

Ne ekɛɛ “Ha ni maya”,

Why should I when you complete me?
Ih jelɛɛɛ mling efo ohe fɛɛɛ,
Why should I let go, when your body is
my therapy?

Oh gbɔmɔ tso haaa mi hewalɛ kɛ ha sɛkɛɛyeli ni feoomi daa kɛ daa,
Gbɛkɛ kɛ ih ka oh masɛi,
Earth, wind and fire depicts our passion
in the love we make,

Miimu blɛooo,
Let these words simmer around your
Giving you soft tickles from head to toe,
M?mi ni-ne ni kaaashe gbeye akɛ ohbaa laaje,

Forever in a day I want you to be my
forever till we age,
Mi lɔbi, mi mann nyɛ, mi loofulɔ,
Just promise me you’ll stay,

You’ve seen me at my best,
Love you’ve been with me through
my worst,
People can’t seem to phantom
how our love works,
But its your trust, and dedication
that shows your true worth,

I don’t need to swear these words to
you because you know my love is true,
The sun doesn’t set in my eyes because
the sun that beams before me is your
love in all its glory beautiful,

And if I die today,
If the music that keeps us dancing
in this romance fades away,
I’d die with a smile on my face,
Knowing that I died in the arms of a special
woman who loved me in a special way,


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