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Words Of Inspiration (#200)

Its been said that respect is not gained but earned, but what is respect? Does it really exist? The past couple of weeks I’ve taken my time to try to understand the meaning of the word and the concept of the first line of this note.

From the little I gathered, I’ve come to the realization that the act of respecting itself is one that is 2-way. So my question is why do people feel its okay for them to demand respect but no show others the same level of recognition or acknowledgment?

This philosophy of feeling that we’re sometimes or more often than not better than others is the reason why we lack respect. Just how big or superior do you feel you are to others? Is it by your job qualification? Your educational background? The food you eat or the clothes you wear?

Its amazing how people easily forget that we’ll all leave this world one day and these statuses and accolades won’t mean a thing to us. The ultimate status we need to exhibit or possess is WISDOM. Believe me, wealth is temporary and comes at a cost but wisdom is priceless and everlasting.

Naturally, you’re not going to earn respect if you don’t show it, its a self reflex action. Its not pride, its a person or a group of people finding some way of balancing the equation because they expect to be treated with fairness and equality in that regard.

The best way to earn respect is to show humility and accept the fact not everyone was made in the same length or breadth as yourself. Also, bear in mind that life wasn’t designed perfect for everyone so although you may be enjoying a somewhat easier ride, others are and will go through periods of struggle but underestimate them at your own ignorance.


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