Poetic State Of Mind

Bear With Me…

Why do we let go of the ones who draw near,
The ones with innocent intentions,
The heroes and heroines who are there to
banish away our fears?

Why do we go through emotions we know
we can avoid?
Why do we tend to ignore the masons who
come with the notion of cementing our

Who are we? What do we want?
We say we need someone but when
they come all we do is taunt and push
them away?

Charle…I weak saf,

So pretty you were,
So intelligent you are,
So when I came @ your door to you heal
your scars,
Why did you let me in, if you knew later
you’d send me wandering in the streets
of Accra?

Was it something I said?
Did I strike a nerve that caused
you to get upset?
What? What was it then?
What had your emotional thermostat
tripping as if it were a gauge that moved
from Relief to Problem?

The pride inside you says you’re good,
I no bore but charle we all know there’s
overheating under your hood,

The pain won’t go if you let it control
your thoughts,
Remember that thought?
Remember the many others I used to get
rid of your aching heart clots?

Love listen,
Yes I’m single but believe me when I
say I was only there not to be your
migraine but your penicillin,

We all need an angel,
We all need someone,
Our compasses found each other,
How coincidental that we both met
1 past 1,

I’m writing this to let you know
That I’ll be here until its my time
to go,
When you need a hand,
I’ll hug you,
When you need to stand,
I’ll carry you,

I bid you farewell but with all
I plead with you to not think
ill of me,

Trust and faith is what is embedded
in me,
I trust in the Lord that you shall have
faith in us crossing the bridge to happiness
whenever that maybe..


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