Suave 24/7 - 365

Words of Inspiration (#202)

Acknowledge your humble beginnings. I think a common error we make as humans when we attain a certain level of elevated status or recognition is forgetting our humble beginnings. A massive error so to speak as we easily forget that before who we’ve become, we were once as men and women who had nothing. If we had anything at all, it was probably our foundation of wisdom.

As we grew, we gained more wisdom, and that to a large degree has taken us to heights that we’re in. Its important to acknowledge those humble beginnings as they set the foundation for our future. Acknowledging here means, remembering where you started, how you started and those that pushed you with either sweet or harsh words of encouragement.

It also means going back to the place where it all started and aspiring to give back and inspire others who were just like you. Its a sure fact that people will remember you not for you are now. No, they will remember that little Kweku, or little Abena who was just like any other kid in the neighborhood, trying to survive and grow up to become a world leader and relevant to society.

It doesn’t matter who you are now, or where you’re at, so far as there’s betterment in your living, so far as you’ve gained education but more importantly, so far as you have gained wisdom, you must show gratitude and reverence. Use that knowledge and wisdom to transform lives from the roots of where it all started and make a difference.

Its your social responsibility so to speak and that most significantly, is the pure definition of “knowledge is power”. Use that power to transform lives but once again, depict that humility that gained you all the support to be who you have become and who you are destined to be.


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