Poetic State Of Mind

Poles Of Attraction..

Sweaty palms,
Distressed looks,
Why are we doing this?
Attractions being hidden like
Kids in a library with open books,

Attracted we are,
Damn, look at that scar,
Lord, look at that physique,
Telepathic the way we communicate
each others feelings yet we don’t even

Its that feeling that has my heart pulses
rise up to the ceiling,
You know, that feeling that has you stuck
like an addict who can’t stop coke dealing,

I’m in love with you,
You in love with me,
So why are we pretending b?
Why are we failing to seize the moment?
Flexing each other like cupid shot us arrows of
love and we don’t even know it,

Numb in the brains,
We act out of character each time
we see each others frame,
Each time we sleep,
Our souls creep like teen lovers
having rendezvous in discreet,

We’re in love in spirit,
In flesh we want to be but keep
these feelings in a realm of anonymity,

So like everyone else we continue to walk
pass by each other,
People can tell from a distance,
We see the attraction but if you’re going
to forever repel each other then why bother?

Maybe I have to make the 1st move,
Maybe you’re not feeling me the way I do,
Maybe’s driving me crazy,
But until we’ve made the 1st step I guess
we’ll never know what’s really good,

So as I stick this pen to my mouth, flicking
it against my teeth and pondering like a chess
player what next to do,
I just want you to know that it takes courage
and commitment to say “I Love You”,

I’m no coward I must say,
I just don’t want you to think of me as “most
guys” like some girls would say,
But you’re not some girl, neither are you most,
There’s a reason for this hesitation,
Maybe its better to swim shallow since we don’t
want to fall deep and fail to keep our ship afloat,

The more I think about, the more it
makes sense to me,
We’re unlike poles to each others feelings
Unconsciously, we repel each others advances
though we really fond of each other,

So what do we really wanna be?


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