Poetic State Of Mind

She Is Soul…

Attracted to her by every note
that she plays,
High and Low,
I’m attracted to do’s, re, mi fa, sos,
The elegance she brings to a room,
Elegance that has me wishing for horses,
And if they were, I’d be her groom,

Menntumi da naanso meni kum,
Adeɛ asa,
I should be sleeping yet I’m up in my room
dancing to manifests “asa”,
Paying attention to neither the verse nor
the hook, but the bridge,
Like an arrow, her voice keeps striking a nerve,
hit after hit,

Trying to find the right words to describe
this princess,
This seductive soul goddess who has me
kissing her toes,
Soul succumbing to her rhythmic ambience,
Yes, she is my mistress,

Blown by her..aura of humility,
Some mistake it for pomposity,
But to question her invincibility in the industry
is like seeking answers to life’s most puzzling
questions from a Nim tree,

You know her life,
Not her story,
Well maybe I might be mistaken,
But do not hate her cause success covers
hers in glory,

She is that diva,
That get away lover,
La Filia to a blessed mother,

That voice of inspiration,
That gospel that gets you lifted
And has you screaming Amen,

That angel from above,
Wings clipped so fallen but caught
and cloaked in drapes of love,

She is that light that forcibly opens
my eyes just to see her glow,
She is african, she is soul,
She is the life support of many souls
on a microphone,

Ɔyɛ Ohemaa ankasa
N’enim, n’ekyi, ne sisi ne ne nan nyina
da hɔ kama,

Ntsi sɛɛ me kasa bebire aa,
Meserɛ mo, mo nfa kya me wai,
Ɔno ho ntsi na mekyerɔ saa
poem wei efri sɛɛ ɔfata ayeyi ne

She is Whitney, she’s Aretha,
She is afrosoul,#Gingam, going higher

she is.. ~EFYA~


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