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Words Of Inspiration (#204)

How many strikes do you need to give people before they realize that their actions are detrimental to the relationship that you have with them? Better still, how long do you keep entertaining someone’s petulance, knowing very well that their actions are having a negative impact on you?

Do we love or care too much? Is there anything such as loving too much or caring too much or is it just stupidity that is smoke screened right before our senses? Questions upon questions but the problem still remains. In all honesty we are the problem by allowing ourselves to be treated in ways that we know very well are not encouraging.

I like anyone else is of the opinion that second chances must be given to people for their wrong doings. However, I am also of the opinion that, two chances are more than enough. Believe me, that’s even better than some people who just let go after one shot.

The thing is, you can’t measure the number of years you’ve known and the amount of trust and faith you’ve had in a person to keep letting their errors slide. Numbers are thrown out of the window when actions that may have adverse repercussions are committed, and more than usual.

Behind every smile, behind every handshake, behind every hug are two contrasting emotions. The honest emotion and the not genuine emotion. You may build a relationship over a period of time and fair play, considering how long it may take for it to build, you should expect some kind of loyalty and trust back.

However, it takes just a day, better yet, a moment for all that to crumble and all though it may start as a crack that can be easily filled and sealed, some cracks are deeper than you’d ever imagine.

People talk about circles and to me, your circle is your sanctuary of trust. You keep it clean at all times, which basically means that bad meat in your soup needs to be taken out before it spoils it. It doesn’t matter if you bought the meat from your trusted butcher, there’s always that one day where there’ll be an error of judgment.

So what does all this mean? You shouldn’t be afraid to let go of people who instead of curbing your weakness rather intensify it. No one is indispensable, absolutely no one.


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