Poetic State Of Mind

Mon Frère…

Like a ying-yang we’re inclined and balanced together,
Flocked together like two birds in
the stormiest of weathers,
Bond that defies the strength of leather,

You are my freedom,
You are my strength,
The angel that rids me off my demons,
You are the extra lung that supports
my breath,

In the darkest of days,
When pain and ignorance came along
my way,
You became that sun whose
rays shone the brightest,
The sun whose rays lit wisdom and
security along my pathway,

I call you brother because you’ve
been there from the start,
From the trenches we rose,
You stretched your hand out in trust,
And so I followed,
A bond, that’s far from being broken

Brother you set me free,
When confined to the earth’s lowest
degree you elevate me,

Its hard to comprehend all these years
why you’ve been there and why you’re
still here,
Blood thicker than water,
Charle, we no be blood saf we dey sail
through life like the calmest of rivers
still, year by year,

Its almost as if we’re twins,
Telepathic of our thoughts,
Our struggles, our pains,
Our hustles,

Side by side, we’ve more than
conquered life’s obstacles,
And its all you that I have thanks

Days will come,
We’ll be tested but we’ll never run,
We’ll fight until our purpose is done,
And if I bleed in our plight,
I know I did it for a brother that can’t
be compared to none,

So may the years that past us,
Be a testament of how far we’ve come,
May the years that lie ahead be filled
with a much stronger union as it did from
Day one,

To my brother, my friend,
In the land of many faces and twisted faith,
If I should put my soul and trust in any man,
You stand bravest, you’re the chosen one..


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