Poetic State Of Mind

Tribute to You (Whoever You Are)…

I gave my heart to you with approval from heaven,
The burden was over,
Pain scooped off my shoulder,

I was trapped within the X files,
I needed a way out before exes turned
into a pile,

Then you came in,
Far from a sin,
Gorgeous body and beautiful skin,
In you I traded my piece of losses for a chunk of win,

I fell in love deeply with you,
Not just because of your looks but cause within your heart I see something beautiful,

Something unique,
A treasure worth the keep,
A soul bright as the sun,
Transmitted to a smile that’s got me sprung,

Everyday I feel blessed,
I don’t deserve love, but I sense you are my biggest test,

Your everything I had hoped for,
I see beyond your flaws cause like every other human you are prone to error,

I wish u were here to see the tears that are trickling down my face,
The joy of being incredibly lucky to have u by faith,

I want to plant my seeds in you,
Share with you my last name and reap blessed fruits,

Baby I may not be perfect but I’ll try,
If it means risking my life for your love baby I’ll take the scars but never cry,

I meant no harm back then, I mean no harm now,
If I lack the way to love you, on my knees I beg u teach me how,

Moments will come,
Moments will go,
But a love like yours,
Will forever be my hearts shadow,

In my heart is where you’ll always be,
I’ll forever cherish you b,
Love expressed in 3,
I LOVE YOU till eternity,


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