Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#205)

There comes a point where we allow our pride to come in between those we love and or care for. Call it being stubborn or just plain ignorance but we act as if these people do not have an ounce of effect on us, be it if they are there or not.

Its ok to not want to feel like you’re giving yourself away too easily, or feel like you’re being too welcoming or open. In actual sense, there’s nothing bad about being that way. We have to understand that, we have various kinds of people. The reserved kind, the open kind and then we have the extremes of both reserved and open. For all you know, you may belong to the extreme open.

The most important thing to remember is not failing to tell whoever truly about how you feel about them as well being your true self around them. I believe in being real. Remember honesty is not just a matter of coming clean, its about letting people know your true identity. Distinguishing yourself from people who may pretend all in the name of getting a mention or look in from everyone.

Kill that pride that has you acting like a king or a queen who is too big to admit their thoughts, feelings or identity because even a king or queen remains humble before his subjects who hail him or her as theirs.


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