Poetic State Of Mind

Canvas Impression..

On a canvas I stared at what could be a masterpiece,
Life in its glorious beauty,
People living in one harmony,

So why am I afraid to grab the pencil?
Why do I feel my emotions are within a stencil of lies and deceit?
Why do I look at the canvas with disbelief when its as blank as an A4 sheet?

I’m neither a Dali nor a Van Gogh,
Though my insanity drives me on beyond my weakness,
Look at me trying to sound like a modern day Picasso,

I’m trying to paint a picture of relief,
Suppressing my trials and tribulations and soaking my sheet to depict an image that was once full of grief,

So while I decide on which colors to use,
Pardon my lack of nous to bring you a piece that’s highly inspiring,

I paint this piece for the single mothers out in pain,
the red roses that once blossomed but got trampled on by manly hurricanes,

For the brothers who struggle with the peer pressure,
Smoking blunts and snorting coke because their lives could never be better,

For that young girl with dreams of marrying a prince,
Dreaming of a castle when a broken shed is what reality brings,

I’m painting a picture of hope for the ones who’ve lost their souls,
For those who once believed it was their destiny to be that light that would forever shine indefinitely,

For the arrogant I paint this piece vividly,
Wisdom is priceless and humility is much bigger than an ego with no respect and dignity,

The canvas extends throughout a lifetime of
joy and pain as we rise and decline,
Decline and rise, escalating through levels of emotions,

The highs and lows depicted through these gentle and aggressive brush strokes,

Reminiscence of times we had to settle for less,
Expensive dreams in a broken city, on a journey
that’s never promised victory but we’re hopeful
for a pass on this test,

Paint a picture of love,
I paint a picture in dedication of the woman whose identity remains anonymous,
A peach of a goddess whose love transcends
from the upper echelon above,

For the weak to be strong,
I paint a picture of Neil Armstrong,
If he made a giant step for mankind and
Then surely we can light up our dreams
too and make it a reality,

For those who never made it,
Soldiers lost before their prime,
Paqwan, Harold Ankrah, I paint this picture
in memory of the legacy you were never meant to see,
Vim dey, smallest time,

I’m trying to paint a story,
History beckons for the generations that
will surely come after me,

The bristles may run rugged but the
canvas will forever remain the same,
Until the paint runs dry,
I’ll paint a picture with these words upon
your surface of thoughts so you’ll forever
remember my name..


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