Poetic State Of Mind

Mind Gone…

Stop me..oh I said stop me,
Sounds of Mark Ronson beaming through
I could hear my cousin from across the
room, peeved, ranting and shouting out
“You need Jesus”

Maybe I do,
My whole life I’ve been spending time
debating with conscience if Jesus indeed
was a jew,

I’m troubled by all this religion talk,
Billboards advertising the 2nd coming
of Christ,
Christ! To hell with all this nonsense
If shit hits the fan, we’ll all take that
Doomsday walk,

I’m not an atheist and I don’t hate them,
Neither am I a Buddhist, Islamic nor some
other religion related to Satan,

Do you believe in God?
Do you question His decisions,
You see I’m of the opinion that we live
double standards when it comes to religion,

If religion is a set of beliefs concerning
the cause, nature and purpose of the universe,
Why do we slander each other for diverse beliefs?
Why do we preach out of the discrimination book,
the hypocritical verse?

Music is now demonic if it isn’t Gospel,
Stereotyping stabs in the head are getting
weaklings and blockheads in a mental hospital,
How did we ever get to this?
Judging races and beliefs to breed suicidal
leagues of terrorists,

They do this for a reason,
The Bible was written by man,
But the Bible is just a book of pages,
Some of you who claim to know Jesus
don’t even understand,

This is not a rant,
Man, chill,
Da Vinci’s code was more of a pain filling
rather pain killing pill to swallow,

I don’t even know what’s real anymore,
Virtues sent packing and booted out the front
So our beliefs are misguided,
A faux pas of who we really want
to be,
Our identity is just a fallacy,
Our souls are already deceased,

And I don’t think I know where I’m at now,
These trees are killing me..


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