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Words Of Inspiration (#206)

Everyone has limitations, that break-off point. That point when you say “Look, enough is enough, this is way more than I can handle”. This of course is good thing, a very good thing in much respect. We need to set limitations, so we either don’t over do things or over carry emotions.

The question I’d like to ask though is, what do you do when someone tries to push your emotions beyond your break-off point? How do you handle such a situation such that, a) you don’t wreck havoc and b) carry the message across properly so it doesn’t happen again.

Two things to note here; 1. Yes you can handle the situation in a calm manner and 2. Its bound to happen again at some point, don’t be naïve! There are diplomatic ways of handling issues. These are ways that don’t require physical abuse or even to a larger degree, verbal abuse.

Remember that the human mind is complex and although we use what is it, 5-6% of brain muscles to function, when we allow anger to control the brain muscles, we tend to increase those percentages which in itself is probably comparable to the use and effect of a hard drug like heroin.

Learning to deal with people without showing anger is a skill, which is easy to possess but hard to process when you lack the key catalyst that works with it, that being “patience”. The best way to deal with people who try to push you beyond your break-off point is to stand your ground and let voice out your concern.

It doesn’t have to be a verbal assault. The word “assault” itself should not influence how you approach the situation. Some people take delight in working people up for absurd reasons, hence you should learn to compose yourself well enough to not fall a victim of such actions.

Naturally, some people would advice you to remain silent and move on. This is a safe card to play but silence may only just give whoever on your case extra incentive to get at you even more. Its a complex scenario but the only way you can prevail is to analyze and compose yourself before the situation.

Again, remember, violence is NEVER a solution. It will only damage your rep and although some may understand your frustration, bear in mind that, composure will be the word that they would stress on after the damage has been done. Irrespective of how energetic or aggressive you may be, remember to keep your calm and composure.

People are watching and yes not that you should care, after all its your case and not theirs, but think of the people who may want to emulate the kind of being you are. Before you react to a situation, put into consideration not yourself 1st, but others around. How your behavior or actions affect others around you.

The keyword for today is COMPOSURE. Breathe it, remember it, apply it!


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