Poetic State Of Mind

Short Notice…

They say I’ve set the bar too high,
Simplicity is complicated in their eyes,
Wanting a goddess has been this trivial,
But for real though, times have changed
and all I ask is for people to not refer me
to standards that are colloquial,

I want to create that perfect specimen,
Imperfect in person but uniquely designed
for a gentlemen,
Uniquely designed I said,
She must be the epitome of a queen,
Born and bred,

Not all about the flashy,
Not all about the car keys,
Not a shaashie,
She must be sophisticated but liberated
Not too classy,

Don’t get me wrong,
I’m not looking for an already made song,
I’m looking for the right keys that can
sync each other to form a melody that is

And she will be the one to seed my torrents,
After my soldiers leech her,
The outcome, a 9month procedure that will
see her download miniatures of me & her,

She must understand the way I feel,
State your purpose and goal,
Let’s keep it real,
Let’s not fidget with each others feelings,
Manipulate and torture each other like
Soldiers and Civilians,

Simplicity is the key,
And for whatever reason that your hearts
locked up,
May my intentions unlock it and be your

She may be black, white or another,
Foreign, local, straight, but neither
genital nor sexually bipolar,

Knowledge is also a key but supernatural intelligence is not what I seek,
She will be a lady driven by success,
intricately weaving together her formal intuition and her command of hustling in the streets,

Sweetest taboo she will be,
From her physique to her inner
beauty I have no qualms that she
will positively intrigue me,

You see who I’m looking for can
never be bought, she is priceless,
Put her amongst the human constellations
And she’ll still shine the brightest,

I’m looking for that sister, lover, best friend,
That mother when the world brings me to
my knees,
That voice of hope when life seems to
be choking my dreams though,

She may have already been found,
Maybe she’s reading this note,
Maybe she’s temporarily out of town,

Wherever she is,
Kindly tell her that although this is
a short notice,
I’m ready to officially confirm her as
my Mrs…


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