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Words Of Inspiration (#207)

We all have our doubts when it comes to, stepping into the main frame, being the man and taking responsibility when your time is due or when no one else decides to stand up to be counted.

Its a big deal because everyone is counting on you to take grasp of the moment and own it, be boss if you have to but yet we are faced with conflicting series of questions. Call it the “doubting Thomas” episode if you like it but just what puts or places us in this position?

One of the main issues surrounding this defect of character or energy is the moment of expectation. Caught aware’s by the moment that we have fair knowledge of in some cases, and why do we get caught? Well that’s easy, look at it from two angles. The 1st being, soaking in the air of comfort and resting on laurels.

You are in a position where you feel nothing can go wrong, if all goes well, your responsibilities will not kick in for the next year, two, three perhaps so obviously, you have nothing to worry about. Then suddenly, your efforts having gone unnoticed provide an avenue for you to step up a level but due to your comfort zone you start to panic. You’re not sure you candle handle this, accolades thrown out of the window, this is the real deal.

Situations like this can be avoided if only we keep working hard and leave very little or no room for doubtful or repulsive approaches. Always be on your guard because whether you like it or not, the unpredictability of this world means one way or another, you will be faced with the unenviable task of having to step up to the plate when your team, co-partners etc. need you to.

The other angle is probably the most obvious, fear! Fear here in broad sense extends to confidence and the short or lack of it, shedding emotions over what others may or may not think or feel about your actions and lastly stepping into a role where you may its too precious or big to fill.

If my father has taught me one valuable thing, then its how to “go all out” in whatever I do. Call it, seizing every chance and opportunity to make the best of whatever task or job you are pressed with and making sure you stamp your authority on it WITHOUT regrets.

The keyword here is “regrets”.

You see, you need to understand that there is no better way of doing things that have already been done the best way possible and so when you are faced with responsibilities, especially those of vital importance, you need to give your all without shedding emotions on the criticisms of the final outcome.

The imperfection of the world should provide you with enough solace that nothing is bound to be spec clean perfect. That’s why gadgets and other tools or materials have repair men or women to fix them when broken.

On the broader picture, we must look at responsibilities as an opportunity to stake a claim for ourselves. Think of it as a coronation of adulthood, all the training and teachings play a role and that role is supposed to be embedded and manifested through the responsibilities given.

You don’t have to shy away or ask yourself whether you have the testicular fortitude to take on them because your path and growth through life has been leading up to this point. To show the world you’re ready to have an positive impact and be that man, woman or leader that everyone hopes and expects you to be.

Yes there will be lows and yes there will be highs, but having belief in your own prowess and ability is all you need to see you through. The journey begins right from the end of this note, question is “Are you ready to take that bold step?” and if yes then I dare you to dare yourself to show your greatness!


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