Poetic State Of Mind

What Do You Live For?…

The sunny days in Accra,
The lively nights in the heart of the city,
Drinks, convo’s and laughter,
Bubbling up in the hottest clubs with
your favorite dj’s turning tables with
High Definition sound and technology,

I live for the pretty faces,
Dark or Light skinned, thick or thin,
Dimples, beads around the waist,

In tune with the principle of democracy
But to hell with all the political nonsense,
Broken promises, pink sheets and electoral

I rather live for the waakye and kome,
Give me a bowl of fufu or banku to fill
that tummy,
Chilling on the beach without an ounce of
pain or worry,

I live for those matchdays,
Kotoko, wo ku apem a, apem b3ba,
Phobia see until the bones are rotten,
naanso de3n na y3nntsee da,
Ghana Blackstars, VIM,
BabyJet m3nny3 yawa,

For the thrills and spills,
Early morning Kantamanto deals,
Bargaining off that trip from one
place to another,
Charle here norr I dey go you dey charge
me 10dollar equivalent, my guy chill
you be my brother,

I live for those fight scenes everyday,
Somebody go chop somebody ein girl,
Yawa dey,
Pestles & machetes chasing my brother
down somewhere in Kokomlemle,
Meanwhile his girl is pregnant, born 2 already
on the way,

For that music, that groove that makes
you want to bump, stomp and grind to it,
That afrosoul, afrobeats, azonto,
Drop down low while I closely mark your
duna like Thiago (PSG),

For that high of life,
Marinated with those trees,
I live for that elevation,
While meditating on Fela’s beat,

Live for the kubolor life that’s within
The pure, raw, organic,
not influenced by colonial masters attitude,
That 6th March 1957 culture,

I am a son of this land,
I live for the freedom that I have,
For the right to voice my opinion,
I live for the colors that make up
my nations flag,

So how I live is for nobody to dispute,
It is my identity, my CV,
My pride, my auto biography,

I live for a purpose ultimately,
Though yet not to be seen,
Gradually I feel its force field
drawing close steadily,

I live for this life and I live it to
the fullest,
For this poetry that I write,
Adjudged by some of the arts
most gifted,

Yet humble I remain…


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