Poetic State Of Mind

Love Jones..

I got a love jones,
The one that got away,
But then came back like that
famous old adage,

That Kofi ɛne Ama sitting under
the tree KISSING,
That Daavi medekuku, you fill
this void that bleeds slowly,

I can like girls,
Ok maybe I loved many,
Maybe I was young and sprung,
Maybe I was a playboy,
A whole lot of maybe’s but baby
Love was just 4-letter word
We both didn’t know where it
all began,

I’ll admit in the beginning
I just wanted to hit pass and be
on my way,
Strangely enough she cramped
my style,
She was like that element that
distorted my feng shui,

It felt good though then,
Still feels the same now,
She isn’t the air that I breathe,
Rather the support to facilitates
my lungs to hold and release,

A love story is what this feels
Two love birds, fire and ice,
A Fante gentleman worshiping
the temple of serenity that is his

And people wonder like “what’s all
this hype?”

Its a beautiful story how we got
Friends who became siblings,
And though we attached sexual sentiments,
We always knew when to switch
back to 1st gear

Time had no bearing on us,
Because just like now,
back then, we knew we had no end
if we allowed trust to be our Zen,

Hence why we’re here where we want
to be,
Multitudes may try to divide,
But destiny’s problem is already
calculated so the result is what
you see,

Two peas in a pod,
Ohene ne ne Hemaa,
Royalty flourishes in rich
splendor, sɛ na yedi yɛ dɔ,

All these words though won’t
mean a thing if I don’t show
her what it is that these words

I’m not talking about sex,
But while we’re on the subject,
She’s a..naah wait, true
gentlemen don’t kiss and tell,
Forgive me ma cherie belle,

We kiss and fight,
Love, hate, cuddle and bite,
Something out of a playbook,
I guess,
She understands me,
This is a long haul not a short

If there’s any justice in the world,
She would be created the complete
goddess of my fantasies,
The angel whose wings would not
have been clipped as she fell from
the skies,
Our lives like our love, would never

She’s amazing in almost every way you
can imagine, except one hitch,
She lives in my dream,
And reality has me wondering,
Will I ever find a way to solve this?


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