Poetic State Of Mind


I yelled to the bodies that seemed
blurry before me,
My soul was trapped in a realm
That brood flames and gores,

Cuts and bruises,
Showing my affection to Lucifer
and Judas, my soul had become abusive,

“Save Him!” words coming from the man
in black,
“I bind in you in Jesus name”, this man must
be on crack,

The inner force driving my spirit like
a new Honda Civic,
I felt power and invincibility,
“Hell awaits you men of hypocrisy”,

Unconscious conscience,
Woke up in a building with my lungs feeling
Fresco’s on a wall of white man with a heart
glowing like a light bulb,

“Who is this? Where’s he from?
Release me, your angels of scorn”
Burn of the sprinkled water on me
collapsed me to my knees,

Yet still the force pushing me,
Reluctant to give in to a power
clearly greater than its energy,

The world pitched black,
Crust of my soul arrested to this
cardiac attack,

Man in black with a cross,
Its force full,
Voices in my head,
Bashing, laughing, unflinching ego’s
full of ridicule,

Sudden pain rushed in my veins,
This man spoke a language,
Encrypted, vile and a kryptonite
to the masters whose power I’d become
a slave to,

Sounds of “Yesu, Yesu”,
Visuals of my skin peeling,
Panicking and reeling,
Face flat to the floor,
Body laid lifeless, stifled,
Soul shattered to its core,

Eyes opened like a set of
Heart heavy, voices of
relief patching my soul
in their golden robes with
a heaven medley,

They told me I had been lost,
Mind from body, body from spirit,
Soul’d to the devil,
Evil reaped by demonic seeds
that were weeds to my fruitful

I wept for hours,
Looking around this cathedral that
was mentally my hostile environment,

Regretful of the grief that associated
with my name,
An atheist who became a slave to
the underworld and was never the same,

Saved by grace and a Being who I’m yet
to see face to face,
But till that day, may His blessings continue
to dictate the pace of my ever running faith



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