Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#209)

Versatility; in a series of games in basketball, after each round, teams make adjustments. These adjustments provide a new dimension or variety in the play, making it almost unpredictable and non playable for their opponents to react or counter properly.

In the same vein, as humans we ought to be versatile in our approach to life. Finding ways to deal with day to day struggles is a mark of will and character. The determination to overcome obstacles using diverse methods and techniques at your disposal, that’s the kind of character I’m talking about.

We all know there’s no problem that can’t be solved within human capability, but the execution of those problems become the blueprint to how we cross over the finish line. Believe you me, you are more than capable of being a jack of all traits.
Sometimes the steepest of situations bring out the best of energies and skills we never knew we possessed. Its that fire in the belly that gives us the onus to prevail and usually when we want it that bad, we always get it.

Mentally, we need to provide resistance to doubt and uncertainty about these adjustments that we may be faced with to enforce. We must be critical and decisive, fearless and objective. Remember the goal is to jump over hurdles not into them.


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