Poetic State Of Mind

Mind Adrift…

Looking for serenity, looking for peace,
these streets are filled with diabetic agents
of deceit,

Looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow,
Dreams dusted off from shelves of new year
resolutions dating back to the days of Afro Moses
and Serwaa Akoto,

My mandem are sieving their lives away on foreign
1957 was a bad year brethren,
Nkrumah the legend Jack Bauer’d his way to set
us free and since then skufees have become an excuse
for Mr. Brobbey to tell Yaa “Money doesn’t grow on trees”

Aoo charle, the pain and toil,

Akosua too say what for there?
You want Brazilian hair but just saw a meme that
had me…hmmm,
So what if you started from the bottom of a horse
and now you’re hair,
Should I call you an arse to show you how much I

Peace is inexistent in this land of grief,
Peace is a wreath we lay habitually on our tombstones
in remembrance of feats that only survived in our sleep,

RIP to the inexistence of our feats,

Who are we, what do we seek?
The fame or the glory,
Compound house or two stories,
Waakye or Yoko Gari?

Feeling a bit neglected with no lady on my arm,
Fam how am I gonna harvest fruits with no tools
on my farm?

Last chick I tried to reach out to,
Tattooed Muslim who goes by the name of Bintu,
Was too tight to fit my pipe in her sewage so we stuck
to “Mi di wo, wo m’adwen no mu”,

Petitions, petitioners,
Lawyers fingering witnesses,
Intercourses with electoral rubbers,
Sheets soaked with stained errors resulting in excessive

Things just aren’t the same charle,
Rigging votes and prices,
Fuel hikes, okada rides,
Trying to purchase tags by Sark but
loose change has me kicking barricades
I no dey see you self, Shatta Wale,

In a position where my mind is separated from
my soul,
Trying to find peace,
Maybe in this Akpeteshie because it was
certainly not in the Sobolo,

Split apart from what’s feasible and what’s not
Praying amongst Christians wrapped in a long skirt
and face covered with a veil,

Converting her faith to match how she really feels,
Really, it’s no big deal till you’re Boko Haram’d in 24 for
doing a reverse of Yasiin Bey on the real,
Hmmm charle .no chill,


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