Poetic State Of Mind


In the valley of the shadow of death,
I trample upon these roses,
Black, tainted with disease,
Seeking my demise like that of others
in trenches beyond 12ft deep,

No angels on my shoulders,
Clipped, I’m an angel with no love,
Wings burnt to ashes due to natures
I’m a worried soul afraid dying solo
so I’m on my sole being pricked upon
by these thorns of evil passion,

Running away,
Trekking away from my pain,
Seeking refuge away from my stupidity
That had Charity carry my seed,
She sits without an ounce of care,
Though its clear, that she bleeds,
And in the rear view mirror
of my temple she always appears

Should I have let go?
Rather than rendering her body lifeless
and staying afloat in the middle of an ocean
that I even don’t know?

My conscience is killing me,
Memories of what I did last week
ridiculing me like “Kwasia, look what you did to that G,”

I’m a cursed man trying to understand how
I killed my own man in the name of blood
money for a couple of grands,
For a couple of grands, I swallowed pellets
of grams only to get busted in Amsterdam,

Caught in the middle of a war,
A fatal attraction, blood spills,
verbal shots ripping holes in my emotional

Family divided,
Love subsided,
Toppled, Fallen,
affection no longer sweet in this transmitted

I want to stay,
I really do,
But this life I live is an
endless cycle of DeJa Vu’s,

Stuck, bruised, confused,
Ride or die chicks siding with my side chicks
Can’t even tell from a distance who
I should die with?

I’m a troubled individual,
Need a divine intervention,
Venting for something supremely spiritual,
I need a soul refined from heaven,

Earth won’t sink me in,
Seeking a divorce from this matrimonial
Though my feet are swollen, running and hoping
for an opening while I pray for an omen,



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