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Words Of Inspiration (#210)

Why do some of us feel like its our prerogative to be concerned with the trials and tribulations of others rather concentrating on our own trials and tribulations? What’s the link? Is there any moral backing to it that I’m not aware of?

We live in a world where almost 95% of the population would love to live a life with maximum privacy. Sadly, our way of living means there’s always bound to be someone being all nosy in our business and the best we can do is to either adjust ourselves so as to not expose those details we’d love to contain from public eye.

However in all this, there’s a trend that sees people focusing on the lives of others rather than themselves. To what profit shall you gain for keeping statistical numbers or mental docs of other peoples flaws and successes? There’s nothing to be gained but wasted effort and time.

That person or those people are no different from you and like you are also trying to make moves and live for that purpose they were brought here to do. Time has always had significant bearings on how we live and if we claim we want to attain or achieve a level of purpose, then we ought to start focusing on our own selves.

We must remember that as I said earlier, privacy is limited and you are always going to be bound to hear stories and reports of others, but however they are doing, should not be your curriculum for life. They chose to live their own way, and made decisions that they felt would benefit them. For some, it worked, for others it didn’t and for some they are still working on making it work.

Each man to his own destiny or path, choose yours and work on ways to let that work out for you. Pay no particular attention to lives of others, we are designed by different modes and that makes us individually unique.



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