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Words Of Inspiration (#211)

I believe that this world is vastly opinionated and as such to every action, every statement, there’s an opinion to be given. It does my head in to hear people come out and fuss over opinions of others as if those people are not entitled to have one.

Everybody is entitled to an opinion, some may be feasible, some may not be, but fretting over the fact that some are entitled to have the opinion in the 1st place is quite shallow. Its better to spend that energy used in questioning the rights people have on something much more productive.

Its also better to spend the energy used in worrying about the opinions about yourself, in channeling positive energy that rather reaps productivity in your aura.

In this world, everybody is a critic hence your every move will be analyzed by someone somewhere. Its not because they want to, its their nature. Like an infant reacting to the things around him or her, opinions are largely based on things that intrigue the mental and sometimes aesthetic sense of humans (that includes you).

Again, just like you, everybody has an opinion and as much as we’re not obliged to take all opinions into consideration, some opinions have the right amount of fuel you need to make you work harder to attain a measure of success that silences the masses.

The key here is to live and continue to do the things that best work for you. Yes some people may influence the way you set about doing things and yes some people will have opinions for or against them, but remember that it is you who will carry the burdens and the success in the long run.

Let no one tamper with your level of comfort. Adjust settings to make your living process as you please.


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