Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#212)

Till the last breath, that’s the kind of fight life provides us and subsequently what is expected of us to keep going. Some people claim to have the easiest of lives, no worries, no qualms or whatsoever. Its easy to assess your life at any stage and think “Heck, my life is stress free” but what happens when you do face torrid times? How do you get yourself out of a sticky situation that may require patience and a bit more of sanity?

I’m talking along the lines of complacency and how life always has it ways of throwing surprises that we least expect, both good and bad. The mere fact that you may be having a walk through in your life thus far does not mean you should toy with the unpredictability of life. Many have been caught in such circumstances and their recovery process has taken so many tumbles along the way.

Life throws at us each day, a challenge of some sort and although you may sail through most, there’s always one that can damage all the rep you’ve built at one go. It might not be now, but that’s life, the unpredictability nature of it means it will catch us when we least expect us. Hence why its important to keep going, keep fighting. Even if our records are good, resting on our laurels is the biggest error of judgment we could ever make.

To those of us struggling to keep our feet on the ground, remember that each day gives us another chance to fight. I’m encouraged by a Japanese quote that says “Fall down seven times, stand eight”. Each day should be seen as another chance to put in our all in all. Its all or nothing, till the last breath, till death takes control and by then we should have been at a point where its safe to say that our struggle has reaped significant results.

There’s always something extra within to keep us going and it lies not mentally, but spiritually. Spirited efforts always supersedes mental efforts. So ask yourself in all honesty, how far are you willing to go in this fight?


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