Poetic State Of Mind

In The Zone…

I’m trying to understand this position you have me in,
Trying to position my intentions but you keep dribbling,
Zoning, that’s what you call it?
I’m exhausted with this Tom and Jerry

Running around in circles, chasing mental shadows,
Four letter word has become an excuse for you to call
me brother,
Brother? why bother? where we kicking it 9 months each
from the same mother?

Sometimes I just can’t get it why you’re trying to be
Like a Math problem, you’re trying to be illusive,
Calculus, SHS1, you have me throwing tantrums and
you’re playing a role of a nuisance,

I’m clueless at this point because one minute we’re
Next minute we’re “no strings attached” best friends,

To your girls I’m your 1st cousin,
To your ex I’m your extended relative,
To your crush I’m your in-law,
Personality disorder galore,

Dodging me when I clearly saw you at the mall,
Jumping gutters in those heels like you were
Beyoncé but slipping, tripping and finally meeting
the floor,

Is there a message I’m not getting?
Fretting like Woyome on some Judgment Debt thing?
Haven’t I done enough for you?
The movies, the clubbing, the Sunday Bush Canteen fufu
with the money I was supposed to use to buy my nephew a
new camboo?

When I call now, I’m on cellular zone,
When we meet, no hands around your waist zone,
When we kiss, no tongue zone,
I love you koraa has become, no catch feelings zone,

I’m zoned out to the bone,
Masturbating with BangBros because you leave me with
boners and I portray a dog searching a bone like a MTN
customer searching for 90% caller discount zone,

Ebei..Ewuraaba maa brɛ wo ae?
Your lies, your deceit,
Your fake persona like your makeup that I funded at Kwame
Showbiz Boutique,

Sometimes I wonder if you’re a harlot,
I mean a prostitute,
A delusional, filth of an excuse for women who suffer
from broken hearts or just a piece of residue,

See how I’m dissing you and this is not even my attitude,
However take this letter as a form of gratitude for showing
me the real you,

I can’t say our paths will never meet again,
I’m in my zone but should we ever meet again,
I swear you go chop slap pass make destiny ein child
go forever make you say my name


4 thoughts on “In The Zone…

  1. Damien Nelson says:

    Only a woman can bring this out of a man.

    I wish I could articulate some of my past drama so eloquently. Alas I can’t.

    Michael Bolton however sums it up every so soulfully,..
    When a man loves a woman
    Deep down in his soul
    She can bring him such misery.

    It’s the risk we take for putting our hearts out there trying to find that special connect.

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