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Words Of Inspiration (#213)

Turning points are meant to serve as wake up calls, not mental blocks. Stop treating them as such, I came across a news article the other day about a man who almost met death on his job. In his response to his near “hit” but “miss”, he said he felt it signified a point in his life where he had, had enough of his work.

The problem with this is that although to some degree he may have a valid reason to quit, at the same time, he’s allowing fear of the unknown to disintegrate his confidence and his belief to keep working on. Accidents and incidents of various sorts are not meant to give us the mandate to quit. In a twisted, distorted sense, they are actually blessings.

Some of us go through life not really valuing the true essence of life. The little things required to make our transitions in life meaningful. I’m talking about people, methods, attitude etc.. So we may sometimes have to go through not sticky but near fatal consequential instances to wake up and see these things. This is irrespective of how fatal the incident may or may not be.

These turning points may be just reminders to remind you to thread carefully in your life process, or just a way of telling to you to go about it whatever it is that you do or are doing in a different way. It does not signify defeat, its only giving you a reminder, another go and to some extent a choice.

You define how you want to live your life and in a perpendicular sense, you define how you want to react to these turning points or stumbling blocks. However turning your back will only add on to the problem rather than solving it.

You have the power to redefine your life, let turning points inspire you to do so accordingly. Remember that not everyone has a 2nd shot or more to get their lives back on track, once given the opportunity, grab it ASAP!


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