Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#214)

Do more of what keeps you sane and less of what society expects of you to conform to. The issue of conflicting beliefs is one which sparks up debates that usually have no end. Its understandable to acknowledge laws and principles of society, however rather than allowing these laws and principles take over our lives, we have to develop ways that we can adjust our own principles and values to create a simplistic but perfect ambience with that of what society expects of us.

Maintaining that belief and those cultures, that which keeps you sane and prevents any uncertainty crisis is pivotal. Society may try to cramp those with what it defines as morally acceptable but your beliefs are your morals and compromising those may to a certain degree leave you restless.

So what do you? Blend, embed, or integrate those beliefs that simply can not be done away with. Irrespective of how strict society might be, you MUST find an adjustment of some sort. Life is all about making, remaking and adjusting actions. There’s always a way around a problem and its up to you find that way.

Your sanity is your passport to living. Without it, life basically becomes meaningless. Do more of what keeps you sane, happy and provides just that bit of comfort while not being too relaxed to face the complexities that life may bring along your path.


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