Poetic State Of Mind

What If.. (Reloaded)

I painted a pictured of you and it smiled
What if I painted a smile and got a frown
Back against the realm of an illusion,
Things don’t appear as it seems,
3D glasses off but I can see Freddy &
Jason squaring off in front of me,

Am I blind? Lost or is this a dream?
What if the chic you met yesterday
was a preview to what your daughters
going to be?

If she slept with different men every
night because her father was Stevie
Wonder wandering about his own life,
Priorities, priorities, preaching in the
gown of an anti-Christ,

What if..

What if we’re the architects of our
own plight?

Seen a man murdered today,
Seen a good man burned to flames,
Seen an angel pass by me,
But what if events linked to a coded

What if death was trying to urge me
to live righteous instead of worldly,
What if my inability to fit my penis
within her was a road block, wake up
call, No entry,

I’m asking you today,
What if you went to the doctor and he
told you, you have AIDS,
And you were stunned as to how you
got here,

Worst fears realized, bucket load of
Would you tie a rope against a tree,
Same tree you and Mary made a blood
covenant to be together for eternity?

Or would push push clutch, 240 on the
5th gear and kiss goodnight to years of
hard work that got you here?

What if religion was illuminati?
What if Christ had a baby?
Da Vinci code was a true story,
What if the contents of the Bible
and the Quran were just folly?

Born naked as babies,
But what if we’re still naked,
What if the clothes we have on
are a deception of our progression

And we claim we ought to have wisdom
and not sexual appeal,
But every time the clothes go off all we
know is the sexual thrill?

Pardon my nonchalance and
controversial stance on what’s
real and what’s not,
But these are my thoughts,
Cooked from a pot with equivocal

You are probably wondering
what’s the mindset?
Wondering where his minds set,
But I bet you before you conclude
your findings I’d be steps ahead of
where your minds likely to vex and
give in,
Abeg, this is not a contest!

In an unrelated context,
I’m pretty hungry for success,
Hunger driven to be the best,
So what if Patrick and Pamela
Gaituah’s son was a chasis of
a legend in the process?!

Take a fucking guess!


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