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Words Of Inspiration (#215)

Its so easy to forget that we have purposes for being here on earth. We sometimes wander off course on the pursuit to who we are to become and what it is we are to achieve. This is normal in many ways, however what isn’t normal is drifting off and failing to get back on track.

In the pursuit of finding success and or inner happiness we have to make sure to not lose ourself and even if we do, it is of essential importance that we quickly find our way back. Day in, day out, I read and hear stories of people, famous people inclusive falling to their death due to suicidal actions or drugs.

There’s no denial that the quest, be it fame or just happiness comes with its own pressures but these pressures are not to break you, but to test your resolve. Yes they have the potency to kill but by succumbing to these pressures will only go a long way to prove how weak and unprepared you are to face obstacles that will deter you from attaining your purpose.

Some of these pressures are caused by us too to some degree. A pure example of this is trying to find easy routes or shortcuts to attain quicker results. Quicker results have not been proven to give us longevity so although we may get the results we are looking for, for the long term, we’ll keep coming unstuck and may never attain that purpose.

The keywords to note in this pursuit are patience, determination, effort, resilience, tolerance. You could juggle these words in any order and they would still be as effective as the notion they stand for. Happiness is a mind state, but it can be an eternal feeling if we remember that attaining it is a gradual process and one that should not be rushed.


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