Poetic State Of Mind


Transition from drinking squash to martini,
From trotro to a lamborghini,
The life, the good life,
Bright lights, thrills every night,

Every young mans dream,
Popping bottles with models who
you could only see on tv,

The good life,

Every young girls ambition,
To be a diva or a vixen,
Fingers, wrist, neck, all glistening,
Balling with no prohibition,

But to what price?

What good comes out of selling your
soul for the bright lights,
Trading that little light that you ought
to let it shine for a beaming floodlight
that’ll only be your decline,

So what if they know you?
What if you spend a couple of thousands,
millions on bottles of Nuvo?

Where’s the correlation between hard work
and pleasure?
Oh so you think you’re clever?
You want the finest things without
shedding a tear nor breaking a sweat,
But will it grant you eternal life after
death that you deeply want to treasure?

When you do get it, will it make your life
any better?
Will you control it and use to empower change
or will you just be another Cory Monteith or Heath Ledger?

These lights have the power to break you,
Like the impact of stone against glass,
These lights can flatten you and reduce you
to a non coordinate on a social compass,

It feeds on your mind,
You’re blinded to the caution and signs,
Its just how it was designed to have you
thinking your life is never fine,

And even when you’re fine you still want
more and more,
Breaking your doors of principles,
For the fear of ridicules amongst individuals
Who only dream of reaching the highest pinnacle
of status to lose their pride and sanity to careless
morals and vanity all in the name of having their
name framed in lights, and on gold chains but what happens when all this craze fades to black

Snap! Back to reality,
You’re at where you were before only on your
knees crawling, begging, you’re almost left to
dead, you’re a member of life’s casualty,
And no amount of sympathy can redeem your

You become the cud of the lights only not spat
but disposed off to a corner as others look at you
in detestation,

You’re a toothless dog,
A venom less python,
A timid lion,
A patch of fog,

No longer the sunshine that you used to be
To the ones who viewed you as their bundle
of joy and peace,

You’re mentally deprived of joy and peace,
Irrational reasoning becomes your piece of
mind and as you find a way to kill all this
time you have left,

Three bullets to the head, obituary reads
“Called to rest” but we all know you called
the shots when you allowed the pressures
and the stress drive you to suicidal crescent,


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