Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#216)

I find it amazing when people keep trying to reach out to people who clearly don’t want to budge. I’ll give them an A for effort but an F for being persistent.

People need to understand that a door that clearly doesn’t want to open needs to either be broken down or just left alone. Now don’t get me wrong, you could opt to break down the door but there’s a higher percentage of being disappointed at the final outcome than you originally expect it to be.

A person who doesn’t want to budge or open up doesn’t need to be pushed to the wall to, it just doesn’t work. Like I said, I admire people who persist in finding those breaks or cracks in the barriers but sometimes you need to accept that the situation is one that will not crack and these people in question are not in any position to change their stance.

I found out the hard way myself sometime back that human beings can be absolute concrete blocks or barricades when it comes to reaching out to them. The most profound part of all this is when they do finally decide to allow you to reach out or seek for you to reach out, it becomes a case of you in question being neglectful of their “feelings” or “emotions”.

The human mind is weird in all honesty and the way we reason is like a swinging pendulum. Its amazing even when factors such as empathy and guilt become launching pads or catalysts for the way we regard situations and although we can control these emotions, we’d rather not do it. I have never believed in allowing emotions to rule over your thoughts, to the extent of refusing to receive people who reach out to you.

I guess its the human nature of some but maybe to a larger degree, I guess as it has and always will be, what we term as conservative trait is really our stubborn and naïve self.


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