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Words Of Inspiration (#217)

I don’t understand people who just can’t be straight forward with people on how they feel about them. Really, I can’t. Forget the fear of embarrassment or rejection, its not like you haven’t been rejected in your life before and there’s no shame in expressing your sentiments towards people you may have a soft spot for or how you naturally feel about them.

Day in, day out I hear stories from people who claim to have soft spots or feelings for other people yet they sit back and do nothing about it. There’s a difference between admiring and wanting or needing someone. Its synonymous to wanting or needing an object or product, you go for it because you have a sentimental attachment to it and while others may claim you don’t need it, only you know how much you want it or need it.

Women, the days of men making the 1st moves are eventually fading away. Men are having different mind sets, especially in the relationship department. Its more of acquiring wealth or trying to build a dynasty of success, so there’s really less emphasis placed on the girlfriend search or hunting zone. What this means is that, rather than waiting for whoever to make an approach to you, take the initiative.

I wouldn’t say we (men) know exactly how you think, (although some men may suggest otherwise) but all that sophisticated, “miss independent I don’t need a man” nature sometimes may just be you trying to cover your weakness. Don’t get me wrong, I for one respect a woman who can hold
her own, to me it creates a balance. There’s no load of over reliance or over dependency but back to the point, point is get your mind out of the spoiled gutter, make that move.

The game is changing and you may wait forever for whoever you want and end up losing him to someone who took the effort to go in attack mode to get him. Now all this doesn’t mean you guys have to sit back and chill and expect your net worth to draw whoever you feel sentimental about. Your net worth won’t attract decent women but rather opportunists and dare I say diggers.

The whole point of this note is that, don’t hold back and expect a miracle because even miracles come out of hard work and heavenly mercies. Make that move, it doesn’t matter if you get shut down, the most important thing is that at least you told them exactly how you feel. You’ll win some and you’ll lose some, but remember that it pays to have made that attempt in the 1st place rather than holding back and realizing that what you let go of what “coulda, shoulda” have been.

What are you waiting for? Go on and tell it as it is.


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