Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#218)

Some days you just feel like not doing nothing at all. You just want to put your feet up, and picture yourself on a beach sipping on the freshest of juices and just chilling. Yeah we all feel like that, but reality is, there is so much chaos in our everyday life that stems down from choices, decisions, work, relationship or even the normal everyday life scenarios. For example someone trying to jump a queue you’re in or perhaps a driver acting reckless on the road.

We wish we could avoid this but truth is, even if we escape it for 10mins, we’re always going to return to it sooner or later. Its just the kind of world that we’re living in now and something we have to accept that can not really change. However, that thought of being on the beach can actually be your zen. Think of it as your mental getaway from all the stress and drama and believe me it works. The whole idea is find something soothing to distract your anger or the pressure you’re going through and that’s key in remaining calmness and composure.

You don’t really need to be on that beach because unless the beach is one of those lavish private mind blowing money sucking ones, you might end up on the beach and still be frustrated over something or someone eventually. Create that perfect beach scenery in your head, its your mental process so you could picture it as perfect as it could be. What you’d be doing is creating a mental visual of what you define as happiness, and that from henceforth becomes your realm and sanctuary.

No one can take that from you because only you see it and only you can control its power and effect on you. Remember the essence of this is not to just imagine it but to allow the peacefulness and tranquility of it to recycle all the negative energy into something positive to keep you going.


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