Poetic State Of Mind

Color Blind..

Woman hold your head and cry,
Cause your son has been shot down
in the streets and has died,

A cold case, murder by the race,
Racing quick to judge civilians in
Lord please keep Trayvon in a safe

They’re dying out here,
Dying out of innocence,
Seen that woman beat down
though she was innocent,
Three kids and a grand daughter
who goes by the name Milicent,
Who coincidentally was my queen,
Memories stream down her face
as she re-lives the horror scenes

How long must we live under our skin,
choosing caramel over coffee cause that’s
going to get your market high won’t it?

You’d rather sell yourself and yet have the audacity to call yourself black?

Too light but dull in the brains cause you’re
a slave looking for redemption amongst
descendants of your masters who abused
your forefathers and mothers and canned
them in cells packed to the rafters,

Wait..I have a heart, let me explain,

I was there when the milk man was killed
for no reason,
When my cousin came home bleeding after
being stabbed for owning rights and his

When Akua’s father met his death while trying to save that little boy who was being bullied by anti-noir big boys,
I was there when my girlfriend took the kiss of death 20 seconds after I placed on her finger an eternal piece of joy,

Life these days all we care about is the fashion
and the fame,
Priorities misplaced, Ye’ said it best on track four,
New Slaves,
And I even hate the word slave but I say it so it can sink well in your membranes,

All the jewelry around your neck,
But would you be wearing the same when a rope
hangs looped from above your head?

When shackles get chained to your feet,
And bullets fly at you randomly like a confetti
being released at a celebratory feat?

Will you care about your hair and selling your
priced possession all in the name of cash affection,

Where is your identity? Your true pride,
Why trade your colorful life, full of truth
and live a white lie?
Why tone down that blue sky of yours to
grey skies,
Why are you even alive when you constantly
become a constant for people against our
skin to ridicule and take away lives?

Don’t you see the harm?
The pain?
The shame and all other things that
flare up over again and again,

And again maybe I should stress on
the insecurity that has you putting on
lashes, nails, hairpieces and silicones
that are fake,
Completely washed out, you could pass
for a celebrity from Tussauds at this rate,

Martin had a dream, Kofi Annan fought a
The one thing they had in common was a
general view of what it seems as a
deterrence to human dignity,
A virus to world unity,

It’s time to disinfect the accepted eulogy,
that race is and for ever will be the basis
for humans compatibility,

So I’m neither asking you to hold hands,
Nor asking you to dance all in the name of
Political romance,
I’m asking you to take a stance,
Wise up, make a chance,

For your mind to see the possibilities of
existing cohesively forever,
Because we’re all trying to get better,
But what good is better if we’re at a war
that’s been set to prolong?
In the words of a King, “Can’t we all just
get along?”


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