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Words Of Inspiration (#219)

Do you give 100% in all we do? When you decide to take action or perform a task, do you give your all or do you give less? People feel like just because of how twisted and the world is means you could give less than 100% of effort in all you do and still get away with the results that you’re looking for.

Maybe they didn’t get the memo. You need to understand that your actions are interrelated. For example, you wake up in the morning, and the 1st thing you may do is to go to the bathroom to either brush your teeth or wash your face or pee. Whichever order you put these in, they still interrelate with each other.

When you take one of these actions out, you’re bound to have an issue of some sort, be it a smelly breath or a dry crusty face or wanting to pee but being unavailable to because you’re probably in an area or location that makes it impossible for you to find a bathroom.

Life in general is the same in this respect, you can’t give less than 100% in whatever you do because you’re always going to lack in an area if and when you do. Giving your all means you’re telling yourself that irrespective of how things go down, you are willing to put all on the line. “On the line” is how we should be living in this world because the world as we know it is getting tougher, harder by the day.

Forget the fact that there are some days when you breeze through easily with no difficulty, the reality is that those days may have been made simpler by the actions of the previous day or days. Even when you have a string of days with no stress nor qualms, its always advisable to keep on your guard because life’s unpredictable nature means, there’s always bound to be a twist somewhere.

Fear of failure should not be entertained when wanting to give 100% effort and you know why? Well, fear takes at least 30-40% of the comfort and confidence that you build up. Sometimes it takes even more than that and leaves you with virtually nothing to work with. You have to go into each activity, task or action with the mind state of having achieved its purpose even before you start.
Most importantly go into it with no regrets or whatsoever. If you are not prepared to give a 100%, then don’t give it all. Its quite simple. Even when it comes to touchy issues such as love, its better to a 100% than to give less of it. You want to show your love interest how committed you are and that guarantees you that even when he or she commits a fault or decides to back out, at least you were man or woman enough to be the better person of the two in the relationship.

Finally, 100% effort = 100% output in most cases. That’s not to say you’re always going to get it as well, but basically the norm is, whichever percentage you put in, is equivalent to the percentage you’re more than likely to attain, results wise.

Its either all or nothing. Don’t settle for sitting on the fence. You might gain or you might but either ways the effort is what gives you encouragement to keep fighting and persevering.


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