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Words Of Inspiration (#221)

I wonder whether some of us know the history of our culture and whether we cherish its significance and impact? I wonder because in years gone by leading right up to this present day its sad to see that most people (especially the youth) either don’t know anything about their roots or know but don’t acknowledge and appreciate it.

I also do wonder whether we’re even proud of where we came from because it seems like we’d rather show more loyalty to an adopted culture and give less reverence to our own culture. Are we ashamed or do we feel just cause there’s a global appeal to certain lifestyles upon different cultures so we must adopt those and be negligent of who we truly are?

I’ve seen and heard those who move out and only speak about their homelands when it comes to parties and all that and I sometimes think to myself “for all that we learn in schools and from generations before us, is this all we have to show?” Yes its not a force to be originally Ghanaian or British or American but isn’t being original better than being something you can’t quite give a head or tail about when questioned?

Our loyalty does not only depend on the fact of saying “I’m from here” or “I rep here” but rather in our actions, traditions. Traditions that depict our sense of the land that raised us, and had it not been the land we wouldn’t have found it possible to be where we are. So even though we may try to copy their lifestyles and culture, let our culture speak volumes so those people can also sit back and say “wow..that’s a proud citizen of that country” or “he or she is a true son of their land”.

Believe it or not, these people we try to emulate in sense of style and purpose don’t even care about us doing it. If anything, they don’t understand and mostly slander us for trying to be who we are not, but what is the reason for this? Acceptance? Be up to scale or up to date with the worlds latest trends? So much that we ignore our own trends? The reason we live together in harmony is to exchange each others values and culture, so as to bring an acceptance of diverse cultures and who we truly are.

These cultures symbolize us to an extent and is the symbolism in more ways than the other become also provides acceptance in that respect. Be originally you, and not who others want you to be or what you were definitely not raised as. Be proud of your culture and be proud to share it to the world.

That is loyalty and that is original.


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