Poetic State Of Mind

Let’s Get It…

Working hard to make that dough,
Baking every day to process the cake
so that we can eat,
We’re unique, determined young fellows
This is our time to shine brighter than the
We’ve been waiting patiently, it’s time
to blow up like Jermaine Cole,

So we work day and night,
Shift night and day,
Sweat, blood and tears but it don’t
matter if the pay is light,
we’ll find our way,

This is not a Nyame b3 kyer3 theme,
This is a get off your ass syringe
needling its way through your blood

Not cause we’re young, fly and cause we
need to ball superficially,
But because we’re young, gifted and our
gifts are supposed to reap gifts and
benefits tremendously,

So this our dream for which we hustle,
This world is a jungle, so we ought to
Cross narrow paths and slippery roads,
By any means necessary and that’s the
way shit goes,

So it don’t matter if you on the radio
like Buki making that dough,
Or if you’re in the studio like Wizkid
Balogun making hit singles after singles

Get your grind up,
Wear your heart on your sleeves and pay
no minds to these pessimistic mind fucks,

They don’t know half of your story,
True they may have heard, but original
edits are better than recorded copies,
Do you copy?
What it took for you to get here,
To hell with their criticism, only God
should be allowed to evoke your fears,

Put your soul in it,
Grind through the mill,
And brew a lager of success,
Suck stress out of your system,
Build a dynasty from a pebble
and watch your earnings turn you
into a hate victim,

Its written that you were born to
be a living testimony,
That hard work is a reverend that
blesses you and success in eternal

So as we rise to dethrone the
And we lay our heads down to sleep
at night,

Let it be known that we’re always in
battle mode pre-meditating the murder
for the next day,
We’re already checked in and ready to
take flight come what may..

Let’s Get It!


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