Poetic State Of Mind

Nota Bene…

Under a tree on the hills of Aburi,
Lady let me be brief, you mean the
whole world to me,
I see another part of you that people
are blind to see,
I’m a hopeless romantic so sure its
understandable that your 1st move would
be to zone a g,

Ok..listen I can tell you all you want to
Whisper in your ear while I caress your

Nibble on your collarbone,
As I erect solidly like a stone ready to
bone you like Mo Farah running for gold,
And my objective, would be to lay a wreath
on the tomb placed strategically below your
hip bone,

But as much as I’d like to get all into that,
I have respect for you,
All I ask is for you is to just hit me back,

Lusting for your body doesn’t embody a brother
trying get to know you properly,
Spending on you to have a breakthrough
is like diminishing you to an Azonto shorty,

Lovely, I want to understand you in the most
abstract way before I can envision us having a
body party,

I’m not the type to DM you like a thirsty dude
looking to increase a body count,
And if you’re looking for the pass to my bank
account I can give it, but that’ll sell you out
less than what you think of yourself and deem
you a petty tramp,

I’m not going to be swayed by your independent
woman catch phrase,
Seems that’s the latest craze, even ashawos claim
they’re independent but there’s a difference between selling yourself and acquiring wealth
in the most legitimate way,

I’m not famous, I don’t intend to be,
I’m looking to fulfill my purpose slowly
but steadily,
If that sounds like a load of bull to you then
you’re like some of these twitter girls who
claim to be boss ladies but are just groupies
looking to pass through life,

No sense of direction, mind has a compass,
but rather than move to an ambitious life,
They’d rather be the twerking connoisseurs and
make noises about how they’re about that life,

You’re 24, 25, what time do you have?
What kind of life do you want to live?
You want be a Rihanna with no talent
to give?
Go around every night, chilling with
different men and living it big?
Have you considered owning a business
Rather than having your business all in
the business of pigs who are all about

If that’s the kind of man you’re trying to
look for,
Say no more, go out to the world and
live reckless be just don’t let reality
slap you hard on to the floor,

Because you’re a lady that deserves all
the plaudits and one with few or no
You’re a lady that bears outstanding opulence
speaking seemingly through your humility and confidence and that’s the definition of a B O S S,

I didn’t bring you under this tree to give
you a lecture,
Brought you here to remind you that you
are better,
Clever, a treasure I’d like to treasure forever
in a day,
Now that we have all that out of the way,

Can I get to know you bella?


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