Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#222)

Sometimes you need someone to tame or control you of your actions every now and when, or better on the regular basis when you tend to go overboard. Not just any kind of person, but one who will not be afraid to point it out to you, all your errors and flaws and at the same time help you regain your sanity.

Call them special, call them soul mates, call them your extra pair of lungs, limbs or whatever, these people are your antidote to curing the mess and stress in your world and as harsh and blunt as they maybe, you must remember that they do this not to ridicule or take shots at you but to show how much you mean to them. After all, what’s love without bluntness and honesty? Would you rather have someone condone your tantrums and rash decisions and tell you “everything is ok”?

Of course not just anyone can fit the bill for this, so while you maybe seeking for that person, remember to apply reasoning and not just feelings to your choice. People with ulterior motives neither have the patience nor time to deal with your issues, be it they are as minimal as they can be. So talk to someone today, express your interest, play your position and seek that companion who will let you find your nirvana.


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